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DC Powerbrick SolarHome System

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1. Long life 3.2V Lithium (LiFePO4) rechargeable battery (2000 full cycles)

2. Built-in solar PWM charger

3. Rugged ABS housing for wall assembly

4. Advanced LCD capabilities

5. (2* 3.1V) Lamp load outlet connectors with dimming options

6. System integrated lamp switch for level settings on keyboard (for PSL 3.1/xxx)

7. (1* 5V ) USB outlet for charging mobile phone and operating other 5V devices up to 1.5A

8. Pay As You Go ready (can be activated on demand), integrated Keypad for token

9. One-year Datalogger built-in

10. Options: 5V USB Sunflower Lamp (PSL 5/xxx) with 100 or 140lm with on/off touch switch

11. Options: 3.1V Sunflower Lamp (PSL 3.1/xxx) 100 or 140lm (dimmable by PS integrated lamp switch. 


The DC Power Brick enables basic solar home lighting applications. 

Available with various storage capacities for operating lamps and other standard USB 5V DC appliances. 


The built-in LCD allows the user to get detailed information on the remaining operation time of the connected loads until
the battery is empty, Battery SOC, Charging and Discharging status. 


The built-in charging algorithm with single-cell monitoring ensures optimized operation of the long-life LiFePO4 battery
under all environmental conditions.

DC Powerbrick SolarHome System

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